Parent Involvement in French Learning

Comment faire pour encourager les parents à s’impliquer dans l’éducation de leurs enfants ? Comment faire comprendre aux parents que leurs enfants réussiront mieux s’ils collaborent avec les enseignant(e)s ?

Parents’ responsibilities
“aware of the expectations for their child in the various grades” (Growing Success page 8)
” work with teachers to improve their child’s learning” (Growing Success page 8)
” discuss their children’s work with them” (The Ontario Curriculum, French as a Second Language: Core, Grades 4–8; Extended, Grades 4-8, page 12)

“It is… important for parents to communicate to their children the value of learning French, and for schools and parents to work together to ensure that home and school provide a mutually supportive framework for young people’s education.” (The Ontario Curriculum, Grades 9 to 12: French as a Second Language – Core, Extended, and Immersion, 2014, page 12)


Strategies/Resources For Parents How to use them Impact on FSL learning
• encourage their children to go to the library to borrow books, music, and DVDs intheir first language and in French, and talk about them with their children;
• watch and listen to French-language programs, films, and documentaries;
• join a local group to meet other parents and to find out about French resources and cultural opportunities in the community. (grade 9-12 document)
Use them frequently; listen to French radio in the car; talk about shows that you watch in French Parents model the importance of French by supporting the learner and having French in the home. Having French in the home allows for more time in French in the day for the learner. If the learner speaks more French than the parent, it is exciting for the learner to be in the position of  get homework help; reading; writing, math, practice

-great advice, such as setting goals/ work skills

-listening strategies

-graphic organizers

 practice is so important at home, making the learning experience more immersive

-sometimes teachers don’t explicitly talk about learning skills, this website helps with that.

-helps students that have trouble beginning writing or organizing their thoughts


Le pantin grenouille :

Les petits zèbres

  1. On colorie les différentes parties de la grenouille
  2.  La maîtresse plastifie la feuille et découpe les éléments
  3. Les éléments du pantin sont assemblés avec des attaches parisiennes

lien pour télécharger le :Pantin Grenouille

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11 Ways a Parent Can Help with Maths

on it!

I came across this really interesting poster online and felt compelled to post it for you to read! It is one of the best summaries that I have seen.

How many of these 11 Ways a Parent Can Help with Maths are you using already?! I especially love the closing statement 😉 Point out ways that maths is part of real life!!! Isn’t that why we teach maths anyway? It should never be seen as something that belongs between the pages of a textbook. Maths is all around and a hugely important life skill. Just a thought….


Have fun,

Miss Mernagh 🙂

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Abby Spencer Goes to Bollywood by Varsha Bajaj

Great books for inclusive practice

Diverse Kids Books--Reviews

cover Abby Spencer Goes to Bollywood Varsha Bajaj’s novel, Abby Spencer Goes to Bollywood presents the story of a bi-racial Indian-America girl who’s never met her father. She’s spent her life living in Houston, Texas with her mother being a happy, well-loved American girl who only knows one thing about her father: he is from India.

The story opens with Abby having an allergic reaction to coconut. After having to admit she knows nothing about the medical history of the father of her child, Abby’s mother realizes she needs to attempt to contact him, something she has not tried since she found out she was pregnant. After a very small window of waiting, she is finally able to contact her ex-boyfriend and as it turns out, he never received the registered letter she sent all those years ago explaining Abby’s existence. Abby not only has to deal with the shock that her father never knew about…

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